Areas We Can Help

We offer expert opinions and guaranteed 48-hour appointments for the following injuries and pain syndromes:

  • Pain or Injury After Trauma or Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Work-Related Injuries
  • Worker Compensation Care Coordination
  • Independent Medical Examination
  • Life Care Planning
  • MRI Review or “Second Opinion”

Solutions By Pain Area and Injury Categories

Use these links to learn more about the treatments available for the pain area and injury categories we treat:


Personalized Pain and Injury Solutions

Excel Pain and Spine offers a comprehensive, research-proven, and multidisciplinary approach to every patient's pain management. Our team prides itself on treating all origins and locations of acute and chronic pain with individualized treatment plans crafted with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Learn more about some of the treatments and services we offer, categorized below by pain area and injury categories.

Sports and Joint Pain

Muscle and Spasticity Pain

Muscle Pain, Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Spasticity Related Pain

Headaches and Facial Pain

Cancer Pain and Medication Management

Cancer Related Pain:
Tumor Ablation
Intrathecal Pump Trials, Implants, and Management
Medication Management:
Opioid Medication Management in Concordance with CDC Guidelines
Complex Neuropathic Pain Medication Management