Jul 15, 2021 Dr. Corey Reeves

I'm In Pain After A Car Accident, What Should I Do?

Being in pain after a car accident is not a place anyone wants to be. And feeling like you lack direction about receiving the best care possible can make a bad situation even worse. Without proper care, patients can be left with significant health and financial consequences. 

The good news is that most patients typically recover well after developing pain after a car accident. Patients who seek care quickly and find providers with expertise can recover faster and avoid the frustration of personal injury claims. 

But, where to start?


What Should I Do When I Am Still in Pain After My Car Accident?

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help every patient figure out their next steps after injuries, concussions, or pain after a car accident. These questions are important when you are starting your search and will help you find the correct provider for your situation.


1) When do I need to be seen by a physician?

To maximize your insurance benefits, an injured patient must seek medical care within 14 days of the accident. We at Excel Pain and Spine understand the urgency for patients and offer same-day appointments.


2) What are the most common injuries or pain syndromes after a car accident?

  • Whiplash or Facet Syndrome
  • Muscle pain, strains, and spasm
  • Ruptured or herniated disc
  • Radiculopathy or sciatica
  • Costochondritis rib pain
  • Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Shoulder and knee pain
  • Fracture related pain
  • Pain from bruising or hematomas

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after a car accident, you should get in contact with a medical professional right away. The team here at Excel Pain and Spine understands your pain, knows its effects, and can help you sooner. Appointments are available in 48-hours or less.


3) Who is the right doctor?

It is essential to work with someone who has experience with pain from a motor vehicle accident. 

The physicians at Excel Pain and Spine have experience treating musculoskeletal and spine pain conditions and concussion diagnosis and management. The physicians at Excel Pain and Spine are board-certified in both Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Our providers are considered thought leaders in the field of minimally invasive spine and interventional pain treatments. We also recommend and coordinate treatment with physical therapy, chiropractic providers, and expedite surgical opinions when indicated. We will also guide you through the process to make sure your claim is managed appropriately.


4) Should I have legal representation?

Not in every case, but it is crucial to have a professional opinion to determine this. Our team at Excel Pain and Spine has aligned with experience and credible legal counsel in the region.


5) Will I need imaging such as X-rays or an MRI?

Imaging is typically performed after any traumatic event. X-ray imaging is appropriate to look for fractures and any spinal instability. MRI scans are commonly performed to help evaluate for any brain injury, nerve damage, muscle, or ligament injury.


6) Will I need surgery?

In most cases, surgery is not required. Many patients suffering from pain after a car accident will do well with a combination of conservative management and interventional pain injections to reduce pain and return to their previous level of function.


Let Us Help You Find Relief from Your Pain After A Car Accident

An automotive accident can result in pain, injury, and significant disruption in an individual's life. At Excel Pain and Spine, we promise to prioritize getting you the relief you need. Moreover, we will guide you through the process to make sure your claim is managed appropriately, and you can focus on getting back to your life. If you are suffering from pain after a car accident, please schedule an appointment so we can begin to help.

Published by Dr. Corey Reeves July 15, 2021